Cedar Shake Roofs

A Roofing Product That Requires Specialized Expertise in Repair & Replacement


Shakes & Shingles

It is hard to beat the beauty of a natural wood roof.

Shake shingles have a slightly irregular rustic look. If you are making over a traditional older house, cedar roofing is probably the historically appropriate choice. Traditional wood shingles are a tough building product that looks natural and is resistant to decay, mold and insect damage.


The Features and Benefits of Cedar Shakes & Shingles


Cedar is a high maintenance material. For starters, the wood needs to breathe and the roof must be kept clear of leaves, branches and debris and ventilation kept open for air to flow around the shakes and shingles.

Energy-efficient / Extremely durable

Shakes resist wind, and are less affected by temperature changes through the year with a 50-year lifespan.

High-cost Material

This high-cost material is frequently supplanted by more affordable asphalt offerings which provide similar appearance and high-performance.

Colors & Patterns

CertainTeed® and Atlas Roofing® products are available in many different colors and patterns.

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