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++I got several estimates to repair my roof but they vary widely. Why?

Before making a decision, make sure all the estimates are offering the same quality of materials, sufficient expertise and workmanship. One contractor might propose using 25-year shingles, while another may offer installation of a 50-year shingle for only slightly more. Make sure you’re getting the most for your money.

++How long will it take to get a new roof?

This depends on the size, pitch and complexity of your roof. Small to medium size houses usually take 1-3 days. Larger projects can take up to several days. Once the material is shipped from the manufacturer, your project is scheduled.

++What if my home currently has a leak?

We always try to move leaky roofs up on the schedule so they can be completed as soon as possible. Depending on weather and project lead time, it often makes sense for our repair team to implement a short-term fix until our roof replacement crew can start work.

++Can I get a new roof in winter?

Yes! We work year-round and know how to deal with challenging weather. We usually need one decent weather day to tear off and “dry in” your roof. After that, it can rain all it wants and your home will stay cozy and dry while we finish installing your new roof.

++What about gutters and skylights?

We recommend having your gutters and skylights replaced as part of your roofing project. Most customers who opt to not have their gutters and skylights replaced end up calling us within a year to get that work done.

++Will my insurance company pay for a new roof?

Your insurance company will pay for damage that is the result of an act of nature or accident, such as a hailstorm, hurricane, tornado, falling branches or debris, or other incident.

++Can you assist me during the insurance inspection?

Yes, our inspector can be on hand when your insurance adjustor arrives to inspect the damage, and make sure all areas of concern are included on the final report. This ensures you get all the compensation you need for quality repairs.

++How much money will I get from my insurance company?

The final determination of the value of the claim will be made by your insurance company, based on the report from the insurance adjustor. Depending on the age of your roof, the amount paid may be less than the full cost of repair or replacement due to depreciation.

++Who should I call first if my roof is damaged, Clarksville Roofing or my insurance company?

First call Clarksville Roofing to inspect your roof and document damage, including a written description and digital photographs. We can help you determine if there is enough damage to warrant an insurance claim. If so, we can speed the process to get your roof restored quickly.

++What about all those glowing manufacturer and install warranties?

Most roofing companies will quote you the manufacturer’s warranty on their shingles. While we applaud the roofer’s desire to give the customer greater peace-of-mind, if the materials are not installed perfectly according to the exact specifications, the warranty will do you no good.

That is why the choice of a high quality roofer is important.  Our experienced master craftsmen installers have logged many hours earning the CertainTeed Master Shingler and the Atlas Pro certification to properly install and qualify your asphalt shingle roof for the warranty.  Clarksville Roofing has the utmost confidence that our work will meet the manufacturer’s warranty. We can help you register the warranty with the manufacturer.

++Do you offer a guarantee of quality workmanship?

All of our work is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and our five year workmanship warranty.

++Do you offer financing?

Partnering with GreenSky, Clarksville Roofing is pleased to offer our customers multiple financing options to make their roof replacement, installation, or repair go as smoothly and predictably as possible. Enjoy a quick, paperless application process—either online or by phone.

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++Explain Energy Star Roofing and how it matters?

Energy Star-qualified shingles come in a variety of colors designed with special granules that are more reflective than standard asphalt.  To qualify for Energy Star rating, building materials have to pass certain specifications set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Energy Star is a label the EPA gives to high-performance roofing products that save a measurable amount of energy and significantly  reduce homeowner utility bills.

++Can you install Energy Star Rated shingles?

If the certified product costs more than a conventional, less-efficient option, purchasers recover their investment in increased energy-efficiency through utility bill savings, within a reasonable period of time.  The key element is solar reflectiveness. The lower the roof temperature, the less heat gets into the building. With a more constant temperature, there is less stress on the roof from thermal shock, thus making the product more durable and longer lasting.  CertainTeed™ offers Solaris® from their Landmark line to achieve the cool roof and Energy Star rating. Tax credits are available for up to as much as 10 percent of the cost of the roofing materials.

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